With over 30 years experience in commercial insurance ranging from international PLCs to local SMEs, let our team of professionals help you. Our highly skilled account managers will review your business, identify the risks that you face and work with you to provide competitive solutions with insurance companies whose aim is to pay claims rather than to avoid them.

Commercial Insurance

All companies look at the bottom line but having the right insurance for your needs is vital to protect your cash flow.

Let our experienced staff review your insurance arrangements.

Commercial Combined

Business has never faced so many challenges with the additional cost of regulation and increasingly global markets squeezing profit margin.

It is even more relevant to have adequate insurance to protect your cash flow and your business.

Let us use our considerable experience and highly trained staff to review your existing arrangements. We will advise on policy cover, onerous terms and conditions which too often affect claims payments and failures in cover that you are simply unaware of.

Alexander Miller is a fully independent insurance broker with well established relationships with insurers. We use our skills to get you the best cover at the best price.

We handle a wide range of commercial risks, from manufacturing, to retailing, to the leisure industry. Each of our clients has a dedicated account handler. We work on building relationships and understanding your business to serve you in the best possible way.

We don’t outsource our claims handling but stand alongside you, liaising with loss adjusters and insurers, using our knowledge to streamline the process to make it as smooth as possible and to get you the best possible outcome in the shortest possible time.

Commercial and Residential Property

Alexander Miller has many years’ experience in dealing with all residential property portfolios. We have particular expertise in Central London high value properties with expensive fixtures and fittings. We are used to dealing with tenants and the disruption that any claim may have on their lives, treating them in a professional and sympathetic way.

Let us use our skills to deal with insurers, loss adjusters and tenants to provide you with a clear and effective claims handling service.

Commercial properties may have inherent risks, including unoccupancy, which may reduce the market available to clients. We have specialist’s niche markets for unoccupied properties or those awaiting redevelopment or undergoing major refurbishment works.

We offer a service that is flexible and comprehensive to meet the changing requirements that property portfolios need.

Museum and Galleries

Alexander Miller has over 30 years’ experience in Fine art and collection insurance. Let us advise you on getting comprehensive and flexible insurance for you at a competitive premium.

We arrange cover that is very broad, allowing items in transit and storage around the world to go to restorers, to galleries for sale or to museums for exhibition and all without onerous terms and conditions.

Cyber and Data Risks

We all face new and potentially catastrophic financial loss from Cyber and Data risk. This is a new and emerging form of insurance with a huge variation of insurer offering in terms of what is covered and what is not covered.

If you hold client data you may be at risk from fraud and a breach of data can cause enough reputational damage to destroy your business!

Let our experienced staff guide you through the process of assessing your individual circumstances and offering insurance protection for the worst case scenarios.

Marine Cargo and Storage Risks

Business is now increasingly global and our clients often import and export considerable amounts of sendings. Many of our clients rely on carrier’s insurance cover, only to find out when the claim occurs to their goods that the cover was not adequate and that their losses cannot be recouped.

Let our team of professionals guide you through the process, getting you the right cover for your needs and with a company that wants to pay claims rather than to avoid them.

Construction Risks

The last ten years have seen enormous changes to regulation for construction and the increasing burden of health and safety. Risk management is playing a greater role in claim prevention and we can provide assistance and direction to help your company avoid claims and ultimately reduce cost.

The ongoing supply chain issues with differential coverages which have left many companies exposed to insurance that they believed would pay out but have insurers who then avoid claims by relying on exclusions regarding sub- contractors works.

Let our experienced team of account handlers review your existing arrangements. We will make sure that you have the insurance that you need at the right price.

Professional Indemnity

Each client has a unique set of business circumstances and our experienced team can help you through what can be seen as a complicated process.

Regulation and litigation have increasingly placed a huge burden on business. You need a professional who understands your business insurance offerings vary hugely for this class of insurance and you need the right cover for your business.

A spurious claim can incur large legal fees even if the third party does not succeed in any action you need to protect your position by having the right guidance from the outset.

Let Alexander Miller use their knowledge to smooth the process and to get the right cover at the right price.